Ready for the future: RÖHM Slovakia celebrates its tenth anniversary

RÖHM’s ultra-modern production facilities in Slovakia

It is now ten years since RÖHM acquired a presence on the Slovakian market by opening a branch in the country. It has been a very successful period for the plant. The anniversary is now being officially celebrated by all the company’s employees.

As an important part of the worldwide RÖHM Group, RÖHM Slovakia has held its own in a dynamic market environment. Over the last ten years the branch has grown, and it is in part down to its contribution that the RÖHM group of companies is well prepared to meet the future. A number of products and components of the RÖHM assortment are being made in Slovakia.
As a result of experience, expertise and the proverbial RÖHM quality, the branch has succeeded in establishing itself as a strategically important pillar of RÖHM’s European operations. As a thing taken for granted in the RÖHM Group generally, so in Slovakia as well the company does all it possibly can to meet its customers’ wishes.

First founded in the year 2007, the company was taken over completely by RÖHM GmbH in October 2009. In the following years the product range was gradually extended, and RÖHM Slovakia began to take on responsibility for major projects. In 2014 a sales office was added to the production plant. In November 2015 the company moved into a new factory. This expansion is RÖHM’s answer to rising demand, and shows that the company remains on course for the future.  

The external circumstances are also ideal. Banovce nad Bebravou is a base not just for RÖHM Slovakia – other highly regarded companies also have their production plants here. This results in major benefits, through the excellent infrastructure and the presence of highly qualified employees with experience of CNC metal machining.