The Modular and Flexible Building Block System for internal and external clamping

In less than a minute, it can be converted from external to internal clamping.

RÖHM brings a new product to the market, the modularly designed CAPTIS clamping system that prevails with its high flexibility and compact construction. The collet chuck system is made particularly interesting by its diverse combination and conversion options. In less than a minute, it can be converted from external to internal clamping through the innovative quick change function that has been registered for a patent. In addition, the CAPTIS clamping system is captivating due to the high repeatability and run-out value as well as good power transmission without deforming the workpiece.

The power-operated, rotating CAPTIS collet chuck with its modular construction is suitable for use in turning machines and ensures the greatest flexibility. The compact structure creates more working room in the machine.

The combination and conversion possibilities in detail: The CAPTIS-D, which is equipped with axial tightening for machining bars can be easily converted to the CAPTIS-A - and vice versa. This makes it possible to install a workpiece stop that can be clamped on the flange-type components with a keep-down effect.

The CAPTIS-AF with an axially fixed collet and optional workpiece stop is ideally suited for delicate workpieces, short clamping surfaces and use in counter spindles. The stationary CAPTIS-MS collet chuck is suitable for use in drilling, milling and machining centres and for manual machining. It is operated manually with hydraulic power intensification. It is extremely easy to use. It is enough to turn the key a maximum of 180 degrees to clamp the collet. The CAPTIS-MS can be clamped on three sides and can be optionally equipped with a front or internal stop.

As a completely modular system, it is possible to combine the individual components, like the CAPTIS collet chuck, CAPTIS collet and ABSIS-C mandrel, depending on the application, which provides even more flexibility.Thanks to the quick change device, the collet can be changed quickly and easily in just 15 seconds. Besides the use of classical collets, there is also the possibility to substitute the mandrel component ABSIS-C in the base chuck. Through the innovative quick-change function, conversion from external to internal clamping is possible in less than a minute.