Quick and Easy Testing of Clamping Forces with the F-senso "chuck"

The F-senso "chuck" clamping force measurement device facilitates quick and easy testing of clamping forces on 3 jaw chucks and vices.

To achieve optimum results in machining quality, workpieces have to be clamped with the right force. That way, deformations can be prevented, for example. Here, the ideal clamping force is not only dependent on the actuating force, but also the centrifugal force behaviour of the chuck. That is where the new F-senso "chuck" clamping force measurement device from Röhm, the clamping and gripping technology specialist, comes into play. It makes a combined measurement of the clamping force and rotational speed possible - and in the process outputs it directly to the centrifugal force curve of the chuck.

A broad range of applications can be covered with just one base unit. The measurement range is 0 - 100 kN, and the clamping diameter is from 75 - 175 millimetres. F-senso "chuck" is also suitable for speeds of up to 8,250 rpm. And, the handling is totally easy. The device is simply clamped in the chuck, and additional attachments on the machine are not necessary. The measured values are transmitted in real time via Bluetooth to the supplied tablet PC. The pre-installed software is very user-friendly and intuitive to use. It facilitates the automatic creation of measurement reports.

Automatic switch-off is included as well as an additional insert aid for easy positioning in the clamping device. The product comes in a practical hard-shell case that protects the F-senso "chuck" against damage. F-senso "chuck" can be converted in just seconds from three to two clamping points, and it can also be used to measure the clamping force of vices.