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RÖHM Launches Inclusion Project

Working together successfully is a key feature of successful inclusion projects for people with and without disabilities. Clamping and gripping technology specialist Röhm, headquartered in Sontheim a.… Read more

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The CIMT in Beijing – Facts and Impressions

The CIMT (China International Machine Tool Show) in Beijing is one of the world’s largest and most influential trade exhibitions for the machine tools industry. Read more

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Röhm Expands its Executive Board

Clamping and gripping specialist Röhm will be expanding its corporate executive board, effective as of April 1, 2019. Together with Mr. Gerhard Glanz, Dr. Till Scharf will take on the new role of COO/… Read more

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When the dreams of logisticians come true

That which was a future vision a few years ago is tangible reality today. With its drone gripper, the clamping and gripping specialist, RÖHM, is making the wishes of in-plant logisticians come true. T… Read more

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Automated clamping technology

In addition to a compact structure and a high degree of repetition accuracy, the KZS centric clamping vices deliver high clamping forces of up to 55 kN, an increased clamping range of 20% and a reduce… Read more

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Jaw change in less than 50 seconds

Fast jaw change, high clamping accuracy and high clamping forces characterize the universal power chuck DURO-A RC from Röhm. The jaw change can be completed in less than 50 seconds. Read more

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Fully-automatic lubrication of tool clamping systems

Maintenance in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes: Lubrication of tool clamping systems in processing machines is taken over fully automatically by the innovative Lubritool solution. Read more

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Increase machine tool spindle utilization with zero point clamping

The Easylock zero point clamping system reduces tooling times by up to 90% with repeatability of less than 5 µm. It can also be offered as a completely automated solution, to maximize potential saving… Read more

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AMB 2018: Product handling is child’s play

Visitors at the Röhm booth experienced how Röhm reduces set-up time to less than 60 seconds, following the motto of “Done in 60 seconds”. To go along with this, there was a set-up time challenge in wh… Read more

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NEW: DURO-A RC power chuck

The new DURO-A RC power chuck delivers as a true PRICE-PERFORMANCE CHAMPION across the board. With the quick jaw change system and individual unlocking, the jaws can be changed, moved or turned flexib… Read more

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